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Join us if you belong to a vibrant community that cares about art, music & design, and want to meet new people who share your interests through online and in-person events! It’s free to create an account.

Professional Membership is open to people with recognised qualifications and/or experience in the fields of architecture, art, construction, graphic design, interior design, multimedia, photography, production and music.
Professional Membership will:

Enjoy designers’ discount
20% off when you shop at our online store
Access to the members lounge @Urban Roasted Resort
A resort style cafe to relax and exchange ideas
Receive unlimited free drink @Urban Roasted Resort
Beverage selection from coffee to seasonal soda
Get connected
Meet-up with friends and peers through online and in-person events
Showcase your work
Virtual and physical category with your profile and project portfolio
Know your customers
A matching platform to connect you with real customers
Shape the community
Opportunity to involve and contribute to the community by working with district organization

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    *If you are a full-time student, please choose "other".