Since its establishment in 2014 Hong Kong, the Harper Company has become a pioneering and free consultative platform, redefining the way people shop for furniture. With its exceptional architectural designs and bespoke services, the team at Harper Company is widely recognized for its ability to fulfil the distinct needs and desires of every customer, making them a highly sought-after choice in the furniture industry. the Harper Learn more With an extensive customer base, our offline-to-online outlet provides a comprehensive range of home furniture, accessories, and products sourced from Thailand and various global locations. Harper Store Learn more Formed an exciting partnership with Urban Roasted Resort, a captivating café nestled in the bustling heart of Hong Kong, Harper Studio utilizes this exceptional venue, providing a perfect space for customers to unwind, recharge, and embrace a chill ambiance. Harper studio Learn more
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Our team specializes in sourcing building materials, home furniture & products and serves an extensive network of customers, including architecture, design and construction projects and retails in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Brands included Corner 43 and EZ-Hammock exclusively to sell in Hong Kong.  Discover our project here.